A forty-year obsession with creating the best riding mountain bikes possible takes a bionic leap forward with the new Levo. It sets the standard for full power ride quality with stable, natural trail manners born from an integrated full carbon chassis development approach; fusing together 150mm of rear suspension, progressive geometry, sophisticated motor assist and the advanced MasterMind Turbo Control Unit to bring you a ride like no other.

Harness this technology and amplify your experience. More speed. More distance. More freedom. More trails ridden, more pure stoke generated, more unforgettable experiences… experienced. This is where the impossible becomes possible and you are riding better, stronger, farther, and faster than ever before. The new Levo; merging unprecedented power and range with natural, confident handling for an unbelievable ride. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most. The ride. Your ride. Believe it. 


Levo empowers you to choose where to ride, and when you want to do it. Only got an hour? No problem, you can still bust out your favorite long loop and get back with time to spare. Want to find out what’s beyond


that ridge on the horizon of your biggest ride? Go for it. Levo fuels your newfound superpower. The integrated controller responds to your pedal inputs resulting in intuitive amplification of your efforts – as much as quadrupling the power you put into the pedals – with an incredibly natural feel. It’s our most powerful system, capable of supplying up to 565 Watts power and 90Nm torque. You control the power, feeding in as much or as little as you need to flatten the steepest climbs and cover previously inconceivable distances.

We opted for a dedicated “Mullet” design with 27.5” wheel in the back and 29” up front. It’s a challenge to design a full-power electric assist mountain bike with lively handling because the motor takes valuable real estate that usually necessitates longer chainstays. The Levo’s smaller rear wheel allows for short chainstays; delivering a much more playful and nimble ride that carves circles around other full-power eMTBs.

Levo’s geometry is totally revamped, with an emphasis on control and capability. The seat tube got steeper, which is great for climbing. The front end got longer, which centers you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The headtube angle is more relaxed, and the fork offset is reduced to keep things stable in the rough and at speed. Additionally, the geometry is adjustable, so it can be tuned to match your style and the terrain you’re riding.