Charge magazine was born from the demand and desire for a dedicated electric mountainbike platform. 

As the publishers of Spoke Magazine we have seen a huge spike in the amount of eMTB content and marketing over the last few years. So much so that it was obvious we needed a separate vehicle for all that electric content.

While there is a plethora of e-bikes on the market, from stylish cargo commuters to sleek road-E’s, our focus at Charge is firmly on electric mountain bikes. They’re the niche within pedal-assist bicycles that excite us the most, and we believe they offer the greatest potential for fun in our chosen off-road playground.

Each issue of Charge will aim to showcase the best that’s on offer in electric mountain biking; you’ll find stories and images of riders pushing the limits of what’s possible, reviews of the latest eMTBs on the market, as well as tips and advice on how to set up and upgrade your bike to maximise its potential. We’ll also explore and share some of the best eMTB destinations and trails in New Zealand.  

Charge is a free magazine that you can pick up in all good bike and e-bike shops throughout New Zealand, but if you’d like each issue delivered to your mailbox, we’re offering an annual subscription service of $10 (to cover postage) to get all three issues dropped to your door.

These are exciting times, and while the world of electric mountain biking is still in its infancy, it’s gaining momentum incredibly fast. As more Kiwis add an eMTB to their toy shed, the opportunities here for the sport are growing too.

Welcome to Charge.