Shuttle redefined electric assist mountain biking. Sleek, lightweight, capable, beautifully crafted, with the motor and battery seamlessly integrated into its design, the Shuttle ushered in a whole new way of riding. Now, the redesigned Shuttle has the juice to take your riding even further. A sophisticated carbon fiber chassis houses an equally sophisticated Shimano EP8 drive unit and a massive 726 watt-hour battery. Progressive geometry, highly evolved dw-link suspension and a brawny Fox 38 fork offer unmatched suspension performance and handling. The Shuttle has the power to take you where you dream of going, and give you the ride of your life getting there and back.


The 726 watt-hour battery demolishes old expectations about range, and gives you the power to ride longer, explore deeper. Shimano’s EP8 drive unit is incredibly efficient, extending battery life even further. Our uniquely adapted battery features a new two bolt release system, making battery swaps or off-the-bike charging a snap. An ergonomic power button and discreet charging port are cleanly integrated into the Pivot Cable Port System for an elegant and simple interface. Now you can boost more without worrying about battery life, and really stretch those long rides out.


Shimano’s EP8 is lighter, quieter, and more powerful than its predecessor. This next-level drive unit is perfectly matched with the Shuttle’s suspension design. The dw-link’s legendary pedaling efficiency extracts every last ounce of effort from each assisted pedal stroke, regardless of how much assist the motor is providing. The dw-link suspension and metric Fox DPX2 shock provides 140 mm of plush, controlled performance, matched with a stout, 160mm travel Fox 38 fork. Chassis, suspension, motor, and battery integrate together at the pinnacle of eMTB evolution, setting you free to expand your limits on the trail, wherever and however you like to charge.

• Lighter, more efficient, and more powerful Shimano EP8 Drive Unit
• Metric Fox DPX2 shock, 140mm travel, dw-link suspension
• 726 W/hr. battery standard; 635 W/hr. and 508 W/hr. battery compatibility.
• 2 bolt removal battery system
• Ergonomic power button and charging port design cleanly integrated with the Pivot Cable Port System
• Aggressive geometry for no holds barred enduro performance • 160mm-travel Fox 38 fork provides best in class eMTB steering precision and performance
• High grip Maxxis Assegai tire front and Minion DHRII rear for the ultimate in traction and control
• Full-carbon frame constructed with top-shelf carbon fibre material utilising Pivot’s proprietary molding technology
• Fits riders between 5’3” and 6’7”


The Shimano EP8 drive unit is 380 grams lighter and more compact than its predecessor thanks to a new magnesium case. With 85 NM of controllable torque, EP8 is 21% more powerful than before. Refined software with a newly optimized Trail mode features smarter assist ratio algorithms, creating fluid-smooth power level transitions on even the steepest, most technical trails. With greater range, improved heat resistance, greater system customization, and reduced system drag, EP8 engineers delivered nothing short of an eMTB drive train revolution.