Danny doesn’t stop talking about ebikes. He’s infatuated with them. In fact, the only time he’s not chewing someone’s ear off about how “mint” they are is when he’s riding one. And when he’s riding his ebike he just rides and rides and rides. Which is why we’ve equipped the newest Heckler to venture further and faster, for longer.

150mm of efficient VPP suspension matched to a 720wh battery is a potent combo that makes all-day odysseys feel like a Wee Day Out. The interchangeable battery system also means you need never resort to steam locomotive travel en route either. Just swap out your battery on the trail and keep rolling.

Then, Imaginate any and all options. The new Heckler is actually two bikes, one has dual 29-inch wheels and the second has mixed wheels. Plus there’s a full size range of both from medium to XXL, with the small size frame having dual 27.5 wheels. Two levels of carbon (Santa Cruz’s own C and CC blends) open up the range of options for build kits.

But with great power comes great responsibility. The Heckler gets Danny so far out that we need to ensure he gets back too. Like a carabiner connecting the Highlands to home, this bike is built right and built to last. Our engineers sweat the carbon layup and frame details to ensure the Heckler withstands repeatedly being ridden “to the bloody moon” (and back) in all weathers.

Just take Danny’s word for it.