Press Release | The Bosch Performance Line SX

The new benchmark for lightweight eBikes

With the Performance Line SX, Bosch eBike Systems is setting new standards for riding with lightweight eMTBs, eGravel bikes and eUrban bikes.

The new drive unit combines high performance with low weight – making it the Bosch drive with the highest power density.

These features and the finely tuned support ensure a natural riding sensation on the trail and intensive training rounds on gravel, as well as fast rides through the city.

“Now that most types of bicycle have been electrified, the individual categories are becoming even more diverse. With the new Performance Line SX, we are primarily targeting sporty riders, for whom a low total weight is important for riding fast and experiencing a natural flow,” explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

“Our goal was to maintain the typical Bosch quality, riding performance and reliability and transfer these to light, agile bikes. With the Performance Line SX, state-of-the-art eBike designs and maximum riding fun can be optimally combined.”

New agility in eMountain biking

With a light eMTB, the combination of frame geometry, weight, motor power and battery capacity essentially determines the ride characteristics. Riders are supported on a variety of terrain with a peak power of up to 600 W and a lightweight drive unit (weighing around two kilograms) that provides the necessary agility for downhill riding, delivering a maximum torque of 55 Newton metres and a power-to-weight ratio of up to 300 watts per kilogram.

When riding with a high pedal power and at a high cadence, riders are rewarded with powerful support. This is supplemented by the perfectly tuned, dynamic-progressive Tour+ and EMTB riding modes, which can be customised using the eBike Flow app.

The energy for trail adventures is provided by the new CompactTube 400 battery, which is also optimally adapted to the Performance Line SX. As the lightest battery in the Bosch eBike portfolio that can be integrated into the frame down tube, it also features the highest energy density thanks to innovative cell technology. Weighing only around two kilograms, it has a capacity of 400 watt-hours. When additional battery power is needed on intense trails, the new PowerMore 250 range extender (approx. 1.6 kilograms, 250 watt hours), increases the range by more than 60 percent in conjunction with the CompactTube 400 – and it’s only the size of a water bottle.

Carefree and dynamic riding with the eGravel bike

Those who love beautiful forest circuits or like to ride an extra mile after a day at the office can now have a training partner that is precisely tailored to their eGravel bike in the form of the Performance Line SX. This drive unit supports eBikers when riding with increasing cadence on gravel and asphalt. The feel is as natural as a on a conventional gravel bike. Even above 32 km/h, eBikes equipped with the SX are particularly smooth and easy to ride: the pedal resistance has been reduced by more than 50% compared to other Bosch drive units and is therefore barely noticeable.

To match the new drive unit, Bosch eBike Systems has developed the progressive Sprint riding mode, which is shown as “SPRNT” in the display. This helps eGravel bikers to quickly reach and maintain a high speed. On high- cadence sections, the new riding mode supports them disproportionately to their own power: the faster the eBiker pedals, the higher the level of support. 

Another new addition is the Mini Remote Dropbar control unit, which can be mounted onto dropbar handlebars (31.8 millimetre diameter), to the left of the stem. In conjunction with the System Controller and the CompactTube 400, the lightweight components reduce the weight of the entire system to only around four kilograms to create the best possible conditions for sporting success. As a suitable display for showing the riding and performance data, we recommend the Kiox 300.

Technical refinements for a particularly natural riding sensation

In addition to the specific advantages of the Performance Line SX for light eMTBs, eGravel bikes and eUrban bikes, the new drive unit delivers further optimisations across all areas of application. These include, for example, the innovative, very low-noise motor and gearbox concept. Thanks to a new sealing concept and narrow cranks (Q factor: 160 mm), the pedal resistance is barely noticeable, making the eBike experience even more pleasant.

The first models with the Performance Line SX are expected to be available on the market from late 2023.

Overview: Technical data for the Performance Line SX

Drive Unit

Lightweight design with magnesium housing

Peak Power

Up to 600 watts

Rated Continuous

250 watts

Power-to-Weight Ratio

Up to 300 watts/kilogram


Max. 55 Newton metres


• approx. 2 kilograms (Performance Line SX drive unit only)

• approx. 4 kilograms for the complete system (Performance
Line SX drive unit, CompactTube 400, Mini Remote and
System Controller)