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DT Swiss Hybrid Update

DT Swiss pursues its mission to bring eMTB riders the components they need to ride for an extended time without concern.

The sport has grown, the needs have changed and that’s precisely what our range represents. DT Swiss has redeveloped and reimagined it’s Hybrid line in order to keep up with the new demands of eMTB riders.

Compared to conventional MTBs, eMTBs enable longer tours, rides to previously inaccessible spots, groups with varying levels of rider strength. Thus eMTBs extend the scope of movement, group strength, experience, thereby strengthening a rider’s freedom.

As eMTBs have continued to evolve, not only the riding experience but also the performance has extended significantly in recent years. More powerful electric motors, bigger batteries and a paradigm shift in user behavior have led to an increase in loads and thus in the requirements for eMTBs.

DT Swiss has therefore completely revised the Hybrid MTB wheels.

The Line Up

Purpose Built Hub Shell

Due to the battery and motor, eMTBs tend to weigh more than traditional MTBs of the same category.

eMTBs are not ridden less hard; in fact, the opposite is often the case, as tours are longer and the load on the components increases.

Therefore, the hub shell was completely redesigned for the new Hybrid generation. This redevelopment enables better resistance to the higher drive torques from the motors and to the heavier brake torques from the additional weight of the modern eMTBs, improving the hub’s strength and reliability.

Finally, as Hybrid mountain bikes and components get bigger and bigger, the new Hybrid MTB hubs get a burlier design while being weight neutral compared to the previous version.

DT Swiss Hybrid

Purpose Built Rims

Modern eMTBs are developed to go faster and harder. Our Hybrid wheels are proven to support a maximum system weight of 150 kg and have special requirements to fulfill.

DT Swiss aluminum rims have additional material right where it matters. They have reinforcement on the internal central part of the rim, because this is where the biggest loads occur when the bike supports it’s and the rider’s weight.

These rims are available in a variety of dimensions so that every rider can select the features wanted to get the best grip and traction possible.

DT Swiss Hybrid

Purpose Built Spokes

Thicker spokes are used in the Hybrid wheels in comparison to the conventional MTB wheels. This Hybrid-specific spoke increases both the lateral and the torsional stiffness of the wheel. As previously explained in the context of the hub flange, this helps to get better lateral stiffness, more suited to the loads of eMTBs, but it also increases torsional stiffness, for the transmission of the propulsion power from the hub to the rim.

Furthermore, each spoke is always loaded during a wheel rotation. The continuous loading and unloading leads to fatigue behavior of the spoke, which is improved by the thicker diameter.