Danny MacAskill Riding His Ebike in Torridon

“E-Bikes open a new world of possibilities, especially when you have big brakes to keep your bike in control!” – For years now, Danny MacAskill has been pushing the limits of possibility with his trials videos – and he’s achieved cult status in the process. However, no one stops the likeable Scotsman from reinventing himself time after time. His new passion is the E-MTB! 

Thanks to the motorised support, Danny has particularly rediscovered technical descents, because he can now climb effortlessly and much faster. “I’ve almost become a downhiller with the e-bike. I probably rode 5,000 km downhill last year on it – and I can’t get enough! I’ve never been so excited about biking in my life!” 

Danny usually goes to new places on his e-bike. For him, it’s not about completing his usual runs with the e-bike, it’s about experiencing new adventures and discovering new biking territory thanks to the e-support. New routes also mean new obstacles and trails – an important way of developing yourself! So… #whostopsyou?