Bosch Smart System
Bosch’s Smart System

Bosch’s latest release is a ground up rethink into the components and app that currently come stock with Bosch equipped ebikes. Essentially it is a push to improve the customer experience and give Bosch users more control.

What is the Bosch Smart System?

The upgrade comes in two parts. 

A new Flow App which enables drive mode customisation, improves information display and ride tracking. This is a big step for Bosch and something current users have been crying out for to bring them up to speed with their competitors in this area. Hopefully the firmware will be available soon that enables existing Bosch owners to access the Flow App too.

The other part is new components – bigger battery, new Kiox display and a new thumb controller. Outside of the battery, these are more a usability upgrade than a performance one but will certainly improve the user experience. 

Bosch Flow App

The new app is more connected to your e-bike and your phone to allow you to tweak your ride modes and to gain more insights into your rides. ‘Flow’ will replace ‘Connect’ in the app department, but only for new ebikes that come with Bosch ‘Smart’ motors connected to ‘Smart’ capable components. So what does the app allow?

  • The app connects to your phone’s GPS to offer live ride tracking and data. Also linking to Apple Heath
  • It allows you to execute updates via Bluetooth. Meaning Bosch can develop and roll out battery and drive mode upgrades with ease. 
  • You can customise your ride mode settings on the fly.  
bosch flow app
Bosch Smart System Components
Bosch has made some tweaks to improve usability and ultimately the overall customer experience. They have also beefed up their battery offering to compete with the larger watt/hour batteries from their competitors. Essentially thats what this upgrade is, it is Bosch upping their whole offering to silence critics who have beat down the brand for lacking the usability and interaction they desire. Here are the components and their features. 
  • The Remote – Using four buttons you can control your modes and display slides. Light help you quickly understand what mode you are in and how much battery you have left. Improved positioning of the plus and minus buttons allow the rider to quickly change modes during high consequence riding situations. 
  • Display – The Kiox 300 is a 2″ display controlled entirely by the left and right controls on the remote. The display lets the rider better understand their ride data like speed, distance, ride time, battery and range. 
  • Battery – at 750wH this is a step up in battery power for Bosch and will be a welcome addition to dedicated Bosch customers looking for improved range. It is 4.4kg and only fits Bosch ‘Smart’ motors.